Diasonic LED Desk Lamp, Bluetooth White


Diasonic LED D60DS

LED technology with both adjustable brightness and color temperature forWork, Reading, Relaxation and Rest, makes this workdesk lamp something extraordinary! Diasonic has a unique broad spectrum, which provides an extremely good and natural color rendering (CRI). Features such as integrated FM radio and USB charger, Bluetooth for handsfree mobile phone and media player, make this something very special. In short .... A workdesk lamp that has everything!


100% flicker free LED light for the best ergonomics.


• Handsfree mobile & media player
• FM-radio with speakers and volume controll.
• USB port for charging of mobile phone, iPad, etc
• Extremely low power consumption
• Life cycle, more than 40.000 hours.
• Energy saving, environmental friendly, timer
• Color temperature: Work-mode (6.000K~7.000K) Reading-mode (4.300K~5.300K) Relaxation-mode (2.500~3.300K) Rest-mode (2.500~3.300K)
• 5 step brightness control: 1.100/1.000/900/750/600 Lux ±100 Lux
• Power consumption: LED 10 W, USB charger 6 W
• Color: White

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