Conceptum LED Flexible Lamp incl Toolbar Bracket, White


Diasonic LED T45H

With a flexible arm will this work light for something special for your Conceptum tool bar. As needed, both the brightness and color temperature is adjustable for warmer or cooler light. The lamp is also equipped with a timer that turns of the lamp after 1 hour and has also the Eco-Timer function that automatically turns the lamp off - good for our environment and saves energy if lamp is left unattended.

  • Extremely long life. More than 40,000 hours
  • 100% LED flicker free
  • Brightness adjustable in three levels 1000 / 800 / 600 Lux (± 100 lux)
  • Adjustable color temperature. Reading Mode warmer 4500-5500 K Colder Study Mode 6000-7000 K
  • Power consumption: 7 W
  • Eco-Timer - Automatically turns lamp off after 4 hours - saves energy and environmental friendly
  • Timer - Turns lamp off after 1 hour

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