Powerdot - Power, HDMI, USB Port


Design and functionality in one product

These complementary satellite outlets are well suited for both individual desks and conference tables. Their combined use offer a complete technical solution, when a wide range of options is required. The satellite is easily mounted in table tops and can after that be adjusted in three levels depending on desired feature or needs.

The USB port acts as a bypass, where you can connect a USB device (such as a dock, mouse, keyboard, Smartphone or USB drive). In the bottom of the satellite, one must connect the receiver/device to which the USB device is connected (TV, projector, computer, etc.).



• Adjustable in 3 levels

• Electrical Connection: Schuko / grounded 1.5m (3x1.5 mm²)

  USB port, HDMI

• Drilling diameter 79 mm

• Patent-pending PCT, China.

• Adjustable in three differnet heights

  Powerdot is certified according to CE and GS standard.