Diasonic LED Desk Lamp, White


Diasonic LED D40H

Designed with flexible arm makes this desk lamp to something really special. The brightness is adjustable in three steps, and adjustable color temperature for warmer or cooler light. Built-in timer for automatic shut-off for environmentally friendly and cost-effective operation.

• Extremely long life. More than 40,000 hours.
• 100% LED flimmerfritt
• Brightness adjustable to three positions 1000 Lux / 800 Lux / 600 Lux (± 100 lux)
• Adjustable color temperature. Warmer reading mode 4500-5500 K Colder Study Mode 6000-7000 K
• Power consumption: 7 W
• Energy saving and environmentally friendly. Off Timer: 1 hour
• Color: White


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