Diasonic LED Desk lamp, incl USB Black


Diasonic LED D61HB

Dimmable and with easy adjustment of color temperature for optimal eye reading conditions. Includes an USB port for power supply of mobile phones or similar accessories. 100% flicker free.



Diffuser film to prevent glaring light.

USB port for charging of mobile phone, iPad, etc

Extremely low power consumption

Life span extremely long.

Asymmetric light properties by simple adjustment.

Shut off timer

1 hour or 30 minutes

Life span

> 40 000 hours

7-step brightness controll (±100Lux)

500 Lux, 600 Lux, 700 Lux, 800 Lux, 900 Lux, 1000 Lux, 1100 Lux

Lumen (from source)

Working mode: approx. 400 lm

Reading mode: approx. 350 lm

Relaxation: approx. 180 lm

Resting mode: cirka 92 lm

4 color temp. modes

Working mode : 6.000K~7.000K

Reading mode : 4.500K~5.500K

Relaxation : 2.300K~3.300K

Resting mode : 2.300K~3.300K

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