Optapad - Ergonomic Optical Mouse


Ergonomic Mouse

Optapad® is a new type of ergonomic mouse that combines optical technology with ergonomic design. It has a glass touchpad you will recognize from your smartphone or tablet, which makes it very easy to use. With its wing shaped wrist wrests and centered work area, the Optapad prevents and relieves tension, strains and pains in your arm, neck and shoulders.

• Zoom in by spreading, zoom out by pinching, your fingers on the touchpad
• Move the cursor smoothly between multiple screens – no stop or hop
• Swipe between pictures with a sweeping two finger gesture
• Future-proofed – you can update your Optapad yourself
• Deactivate functions on the pad – without software
• No movable parts inside the Optapad – enduring and durable
• The optical technology gives a unique precision and speed
• Eight buttons that can be adjusted according to your own preferences
• Unique ergonomic form and design
• The thinnest steering device on the market
• Easy to clean – soft, removable and replaceable wrist rests
• Functions with PC or Mac
• Made in Sweden 

There is many possiblities and options with the Optapad but above all it is intuitive and easy ot use. Try – and you will feel the difference.

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