Ahaa Palm Keyboard, SE & FI version

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Superslim with foldable wrist support

Ahaa Palm Keyboard lies firmly on the desk, with a very low design. This makes an ergonomically correct and relaxing work position, with wrists held straight and untensed. Ahaa Palm Keyboard has slim keys with X-technique, giving quiet and exact strokes with a high quality feeling. The soft wrist support provides a comfortable rest. When closed, the keyboard is blocked, and protected against dirt and dust.

• Wrists rest comfortably in a relaxed position
• No unwanted key strokes – Protected against dust and dirt
• Keys with X-technique
• Integrated folding wrist support made of soft art leather fabric
• Multimedia function
• Interface: USB-hub with 2 connections
• Window 7/XP, Mac OS X
• Dimensions, 410 x 166 x 26 mm

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