Flexfold Midi Keyboard, SE & FI version

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Clean and Flexible - "NORDIC LAYOUT"

Flexfold is the "ultimate" keyboard, appropriate for most work environments. Equally useful in the home, as in dirty industrial environments. Simple to keep clean and clear of dust, dirt, coffee etc. Flexfold is the first choice for hospitals and laboratories, and of course tougher environments within the manufacturing industry. Flexfold is made of premium silicone, which allows it to roll-up easily, for the computer bag. The keyboard also has soft, pleasant touch keys, and quick click reply

• IP67 - Resistant against water, alcohol, disinfectants, petrol and other cleaning fluids.
• Handles extreme temperature differences, from - 40° to +80°
• Features power, sleep, wake-up buttons
• USB-connection
• 2 year warranty
• Dimensions 402 x 130 mm

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