Jockey Saddle Chair, Black

Jockey Saddle Chair, Black

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Soft Ergo Saddle Seat

Jockey is a Sit & Stand chair that provides a good seating ergonomics. With jockey "are you kidding body" that it stands up. This means that the hip an open sit-angle which allows a back posture with sustained lower back. A good saddle seat also provides a minimum pressure in the knees and thighs, which increases blood circulation compared to a traditional office chair. Jockey is designed for today's modern working environment where movement and diversity are natural. This is true both in the office, healthcare and industrial environment, however, for a variety of professions such as technicians, dentists, hairdressers, musicians and others.

• Adjustable seat height 54-82 cm.
• Base with silent castors
• Provides a natural back posture
• Increases blood circulation in the legs with minimal pressure in the knees and thighs
• Optional height adjustment from sitting to standing position
• Soft padded seat in handy leather

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