Lykke Lamp, Deskscreen clamp, Black

Lykke Lamp, Deskscreen clamp, Black


Lykke -  one meter bright light

Lykke was born from the idea of ​​creating beautiful and innovative lighting for modern workplaces. We set out to invent a lamp with all the functions of traditional ceiling and table lighting, but in an innovative way. Lykke spreads the light evenly over your workspace, is easy to adjust and frees up your table space. We wanted to revolutionize office lighting – Lykke was the result.

Behind the stylish and clean design is a powerful lighting solution with intuitive controls that give you anything from warm mood lighting to laboratory bright light. With a full meter light source, Lykke lights up your whole desk – no need for spot lights or ceiling armatures.

Lykke is integrated in your workspace and always gives you exactly the light you’re after. The armature is attached to the desk screen and sits on a fixture that can be tilted to desired height. Different days calls for different light intensities. Therefore, Lykke has a touch panel that allows you to adjust the light temperature and brightness according to any need or occasion. With the help of a PIR sensor, the lamp also switches off when the work surface has been empty for 15 minutes. Lykke comes in the colours white and black.


• 1 x 0.8 m integrated DC cable
• 1 x 1.8 m DC adapter (Europlug)


• Flicker-free
• 2000 — 200 Lux (from lightsource)
• 2450 Lumen (6500 K, from lightsource)
• 100 Lm/W (6500 K, from lightsource)
• 3000 / 4000 / 6000 Kelvin
• UGR: <17
• CRI: 94 Ra
• 220-240V, DC 24V 1.5A (24W), Max 36W

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