Our vision

Kondator strives to simplify the work of business partners  and resellers, by enabling them to offer their customers a work place ideal for the body and the eyes. We have years of experience in product development in respect to office furnitures and their accessories. Today, we work towards constantly improving standard sortiment, for which we can arrange customer-specified customisations - in order to meet each customer's unique requirements in different projects. Our main sortiment consists of self-developed products which have been patent-protected. We have selectively and thoughtfully picked manufacturers to bring out the best quality possible. Whether you want to begin a partnership as a reseller or purchase from our reseller, as long as our products have piqued your interests, be sure to contact us. We will help you and answer your questions.

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About us

No company is more than the people working there...

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Environmental Policy


We want to contribute with our share to minimise the harm done to the Earth. Hence our efforts to  constantly reduce our ecological footprint. However  boring it may seem, you will find a series of environmental certificates and policies which we use as guidelines to shape our way of work and ambitions at Kondator.


Our policy
ISO certification
"Elkretsen" - Batteries
"Elkretsen" - Electronics
FTI - Certification







Nobody has missed that GDPR been the buzz lately? The new European Law, which did enter into force on May 25, 2018, with the aim of strengthening personal integrity. We have of course done our job to meet the law, here is our policy to read for the interested.

Simply put, we are GDPR ready!

Policy, Cookies + Cookies list

Policy, Contacts at corporate customers

If you have any questions, please contact our Data Protection Representive
Johan Jansson, info@kondator.se or +46-8-556 595 00. 


Warranty with us at Kondator

Warranty             Product segments:

5 år                      LiftSystem ® Conceptum ®
3 år                      Diasonic ®*
2 år                      Ergoslider ® Optapad ®
1 år                      All other products

* LED Lighting Diasonic ®
LED light sources has a 5 years warranty period



Warranty is valid if

• the product is used, installed and correct maintained according to the products manual.
• the product is used for its purpose. In effect has NO signs of misuse or abuse.
• the product is used in a normal office environment
• the product has not been altered or modified by the user

Warranty does not apply to

• normal wear and tear such as scratches or finish marks etc
• batteries or other consumables etc.
• spares enjoys the product remaining warranty and at least 3 months own guarantee.


In accordance with the above conditions, we will if a product fails to operate under normal use; (i) repair or, (ii) replace the product with equivalent without any cost.

Defect product - Guideline

Complaints shall be done direct to Kondator AB. All claims or returns shall be registered and approved on Kondator AB web-site or by direct telephone contact on +46 8 556 595 05. Return shipments shall be sent to us on DDP terms.




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